26 6 / 2012

Čekam cugu…  (Taken with Instagram)

Čekam cugu… (Taken with Instagram)

11 6 / 2012


Every shoe lover knows how hard is to find the perfect pair of shoes for a date! The heroine of our story faced with this problem and with help of Shoe Addicts app started an exciting pursuit :)

Big thanks to @doruhh @xbubbaKx @ineskich, Marta, our lovely editor Sara Gregorić and cool Larry from @MysterySkulls!

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23 2 / 2012

Forma bloga ne da mi se više, eno obnovio sam domenu za još godinu dana, ali mislim da je to to što se pisanja na tom mjestu tiče. Ali ipak osećam potrebu za nečim drugim. Za nečim više od Twittera, a manje od bloga. A to je ovo…

21 11 / 2011


Once upon a time there lived a little girl who looked ih her mother’s closet every day, wishing to wear her fabulous shoes sometime. Her mother had taught her how to buy shoes and how to - love them. So, here she is. Passionate shoe lover who gathered a great team that will help her achieve her wishes - to create an iPhone application for all shoe mates around the world.

Tommy Hilfiger platforms

Hope you’ll join us in our beautiful world of shoes :)

Anela **

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